fashion empowers women

fashion empowers women

fashion empowers women

Good attire makes a women confident. fashion can change the way girls think about themselves.
what is fashion ?
fashion is a manner of doing something.
a well dressed women is more confident than an
ordinary one. it boosts up the confidence level of
person and make them better. it enhances the body language.
fashion is freedom of choice. no women is restricted from any
type of clothing. a women should wear what she feels comfortable in.
as it is a sying that fashion is an armour to survive
the everday life.

Fashion is the first thing that tells about a person without having
said anything. fashion brings colors, choices, varities to the
monochromatic and varied world.

how fashion empowers women?
It builds up the inner strength . if a women is well dressed ,she can
easily talk to anyone ,work the way she likes and not be afraid
of any judgement of the people.
underconfident women is not able to do things easily. they are also afraid
of taking a ace. they are like a sheep in a herd. they dont want to come out
because of the fear and no confidence. confidence is very essential for being successful.
dressing is one of the most important factors of being confident. it define
the personality of person in simple words the personality of a person is judged
with her dresses.


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